Valentin Pires
UX Designer
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Hello, my name is Valentin Pires. I am a UX designer with 4 years of experience. I worked on complex topics for compagnies like Dassault Systèmes or Airbus Commercial Aircraft.

Since my childhood, I am fascinated by new technologies, especially screens.

During my studies, I discovered human-centered design and how this way of thinking can impact a product in the right way. I care a lot about users and their way of using products I design for them.

work experiences
User experience design for single pilot cockpit

To develop Single Pilot Operation (SPO) cockpit, I have been involved in user research with pilots and I designed wireframes and interactive prototypes.

Design rework on cockpit evaluation application

To evaluate cockpit new features, engineers at AIRBUS use an application where they can create scenarios to simulate failure, take notes, ask pilots their opinions, etc.

designing Virtual reality experiences

Alten asked me to design virtual environments for our virtual reality showcase. With the help of a developer, we made 3 experiences to show what is possible with virtual reality.